On November 29th I posted: Are you anxious? Writing makes a person clear. (See all...)

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1.A friend from high school used to write short (1-3 pages)stories, and he was always the hero. It sure helped his self-esteem. Today, he owns his own business and is doing very well in all aspects of life. My step-daughter always wrote in her journal, a few years ago, she showed me that journal: she was always so proud that her mom & I always encouraged her to be whatever she wanted-just be the best at it. Today, she is happily married, a mother and a successful attorney.

2. Thank you John, I needed to hear this today.

3. Thank you John.   I just started writing again in my journal after a year or so off. It really help along with my prayers.

4. Hi John. I pray your days are blessed today and every day! Thank you so much for taking time to send the messages you put together for us to apply toour daily life. Sometimes we need someone to remind us of important things thatreminds us we need to love ourselves and be kind to all. I truly believekeeping a journal is great and have done it before but I am always afraidsomeone will get Ahold of it and read it. Thank you for all you do!

5.  Thought provoking! But isn’t the message directed towardsshutting down the noise in our heads? Guess I should write about it! I wonder what happens to the brainemotionally/physiologically, that settles down the committee up there when wewrite?Thoughts? Put it in writing please. LOL!

6. Wow, I really enjoyed this one.  The pen is mightier thanthe sword.
Great uplifting stuff here.Thanks!

7. You’re so right, (or is it “write”)?  I am not the bestwriter but I do enjoy writing.  When I write I feel I can express inwriting what I cannot say.  I feel liberated when I write and if thatmakes you feel good about yourself then do itJ.

Quieting my anxiety now! Thank you.