Last Week I asked you to finish to this sentence: “Listening is risky because…” and send it in!

And you did! Thank you!

Plus, I promised, “I’ll post the answer I came across last week that shocked me.”

And I will—and the end of your responses.


  1. “The truth can hurt or be scary.” – BP
  2. “You might get a real talker on your hands who does not know when to stop.” Plus, “You might need to stop someone who is being over critical or dramatic.” – DPN
  3. “I can get involved…” – MT
  4. “Listening is risky because if you’re not engaged or focused, you will miss the main point of the conversation.” – SN
  5. “You might learn something that disproves your belief system!” – FH
  6. “Listening is risky because I may not like what I hear I may have to reevaluate my opinion.” – SK
  7. “You never know what you are going to hear.” – MM
  8. “Listening is risky because you might hear something you don’t want to hear!” – DP
  9. “If you are not paying attention, you never know what your brain might hear.” – RJ
  10. “You might have to actually do something.” – MP
  11. “Listening is risky because: depending on what I am listening and the intention to which I am listening. If I am eavesdropping then that could be risky, but if, I am in an important management meeting then that is different.” – RR
  12. “It may be something you don’t want to hear…(sometimes).” – KJ
  13. “I may hear something that makes me wonder about the speaker’s sanity.” – MN
  14. “Listening is risky because, whether you intend to or not, you may learn something new about your project direction or yourself and have a need to adjust appropriately.  Risky, but a good thing…Argh!” – VH
  15. “I have two: 1.) Listening is risky because you may not like what you hear. 2.) Listening is risky because you may become invested. – BG
  16. “The truth is sometimes difficult to accept.” – WM
  17. “Because it may be time-consuming.” – DK
  18. “We may hear an answer that we don’t want.” – ML
  19. “Listening is risky business because you might hear something you didn’t want to know.” – KW
  20. “You might hear something you are not prepared to deal with.” – CH

Thank you for your responses!  Which one did you like best?

And now! “The answer I came across…that shocked me” and prompted me to ask for your input.

Here it is:

“Listening is risky because, upon doing so, we might have to change.”

Thank you for your responses!

Please let me know which one did you like best? And, why.

Best re-Arghs!