freewritingIf you have trouble writing a memo, report, or article try these three steps:

Step 1. Free-Writing.  Set your clock for 1-5 minutes pick and start writing on your desired topic. Don’t correct it or edit it. Tell your inner editors and outliners to take a break.

Step 2. Over-Writing. This is Freewriting with out a time limit. Keep your inner correctors outside for a while longer. Play and Write!  Write more than you think you need for your report or article. If I need 600 words I like to get 800 or 900 or more words written down. This gives me room to edit out the dross.

Step 3. Re-writing. Now call your inner editor and outliners back inside and have them help you trim, organize, and refine your Overwriting.

Bonus: Try Free-Writing for a couple of minutes on a topic right now.

Please, reply and let me know what that was like. Did you inner editor try to horn in? Any other observations?