laughing sheepQ. Why did the sheep run off the cliff?

A. They didn’t see the ewe turn!

Sheep Jokes!



Now, for the pronoun “you.”

I hope you will use “you” only when you are saying something positive, like, “I know you can do it!”

I hope you will give “I” messages when you are upset or concerned. It saves the listener from condemnation leading to defensiveness, and esteems your own truth.

As in, “I get upset when…” Or, “I am frustrated because…”

We may really want to use “you” but most judgments are really about us…if we are willing to admit it!

Seth Godin teaches that “I” is about truth. He defines truth this way:

The truth: Not necessarily a law of physics, not necessarily a measurable truth nature, but merely the truth of experience. ‘I believe this,’ or ‘I see that.‘”

What “‘I’-message” do you have for me? “I” am waiting at my inbox with joyful anticipation.