First: Argh, because the word can mean shiny
(more...). Thus, Arghing can help you stand out as a leader and shine.

Second: Argh, so you don’t argue (more…). Stop short of jumping overboard in the discussion. When you feel the need to argue consider simply nodding knowingly and gently growling, “Argh.”

Third: Argh, to express yourself (more…)
Either, Negatively, as in “Argh! Itʼs already 7:15! Weʼre never gonna make it!”
Or, Positively, as in, “Argh! Itʼs only 7:15! Weʼre definitely gonna make it!”

So we see, Arghing helps you get your Sealegs for Success. Let’s change the world by Arghing without arguing when occasion calls!

Best re-Arghs,
Cap’n John