Those who like, choose, hope, want, or need to lead do so for many reasons.

Some reasons may be good.   I like helping people. I was asked to. They want me to.  I’m called to.

Some may not be so good.     I like controlling people.   I’m not a good follower.  These people need me to.   Somebody has to.

Some are conscious.    It’s part of my plan to achieve.  It looks good on my resume.  This is what I’m trained to do.

Some are not conscious.   They are rooted under the surface  in  latent calls of self-protection, power, avoiding vulnerablity, fear, security, acceptance, or approval.

It’s important to understand the mix of our motivations behind leading.  And, it’s good to be aware of the resulting messages that are broadcast from the rooftops for all to see (i.e., others easily see hear and see them before we do).

Authentic leaders dig deep to bedrock on this one,  be it ever so painful.  That some of what coaching can be about.