I helped facilitate a small group retreat last Saturday.  We discussed the importance of community and belonging, and read the following excerpts from Peter Block’s book, “Community the Structure for Belonging,”

Block writes, “Community…is about the experience of belonging. We are in community each time we find a place where we belong.”

This is my favorite part – “Belonging can also be thought of as a longing to be. Being is our capacity to find out deeper purpose in all that we do. It is the capacity to be present, and to discover our authenticity and whole selves.

“This is often thought of as an individual capacity, but it is also a community capacity. Community is the container within which our longing to be is fulfilled. Without the connectedness of a community, we will continue to choose not to be.”

Now I’m wondering, can work teams be communities?  Can they be places “within which our longing to be is fulfilled,” or at least encouraged?  If so, how?

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