chinese-foodWho cares?  People who creatively contribute!

“Brands don’t care about you…” writes Seth Godin, “Institutions don’t care about you either. The only ones who are able to care about you are people.

“The question remains then, ‘Is this institution owned and organized and run by people who will allow the people who work there to care?’

“Generally, the answer is ‘no’, because caring is unpredictable, hard to command and regulate and sometimes expensive in the short run.

“What a shame.” Godin concludes.


There used to be just Chinese one restaurant in the small town. It was dingy, run down, and uninviting—with dirty windows and a faded sign.

Last year the new Chinese restaurant opened! It has great signage, clean attractive décor, good food, and better service.

Amazingly, the old restaurant rose up with new signs and fresh paint. Perhaps the owners are actually interested in customer service. But why didn’t they do this before the new guys came to town?

I’m glad the old place is fixing things up regardless of motive. That’s the strength of competition. As the ancient proverbs says, “Iron sharpens iron.”

Hopefully, both restaurants will prosper by encouraging their staff to care and contribute toward excellent customer service!

Say, “Argh!” for excellent customer service!


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