Groan and Go! If you are going places, or at least want to, you’ll groan sometimes.

Groaning pains! There’s statue image linked to this blog. The stone man is clearly sad, disheartened, and frustrated. I can hear him groaning. I can also hear someone chiding, “No one wants to see a grown man cry”—or groan for that matter!

Groan Man. That’s my name for him. Passing up their Instagram opportunity, someone wanted us to see a grown man groan so much that they carved it in stone for the ages. It must be important!

Groaning is normal.  The question is are you groaning Backward or Forward?

  • Groaning Backward runs the risk of bitterness, resentment, negativity and cynicism.
  • Groaning Forward retains faith and vision. Yes, groaning still happens but it’s mingled with hope!

Let’s Groan Forward!

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