Where are you right now? At your desk? In your car? In the garden? At the gym?

Where are you right now? Trying to listen? Trying to talk? Trying to think? Thinking too much?

Where are you right now? Open? Closed? Conflicted? Angry? Stressed? Happy? Serene?

Whew! So many factors! My answer: At my desk. Trying to listen. Open and even Serene. I’ve had a pleasant day interacting with family and friends and writing this note to you right now.

That’s surprising since the last few days I’ve been: Thinking too much. Closing down. Conflicted, Angry, Edgy, and Stressed.

The way I see it, I save a lot of money on amusement parks, thrill rides, and roller coasters. I have plenty of those inside my being, regularly!  But, I digress.

Let’s change the “you” and “I” phrases above to “them” and “they.”

Those we encounter every day are on the ride as well. At their desk, or the kitchen table, or in the car next to us are thinking and feeling too.

How important is it to be aware of those around us? How difficult is it? How are you doing with listening?

Transfer of Learning: When is listening easy for you? When is it difficult? What specific listening skill would you like to improve?

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Audio Arghs, me hearty!
Cap’n John

John Parker, M.A.
Professional Development Adventure Guide
Merced, California

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