Spencer's_restaurantI’m staying in a Seattle Airport Hilton tonight. Pretty fancy.  Spencer’s is the in-house restaurant and its least expensive item is a hamburger for $16.

But, hey, it’s the Hilton.

In class today we talked about branding and did an exercise about team identity. It was tough for most. They’d never thought of their team identity or brand.

Reporting out was fun.  Instead of hearing from Teams 1, 2, and 3, we heard from the Propel Team, the Fox Team, and the Three P Team — all as good-a-names as Hilton and Spender’s!

Has your team had a conversation about identity and branding?

You could ask:

Who is glad that we exist? and Why?

What makes us valuable to our clients (company, co-workers)?

What is our vision for the next year? What would great success look like?

What slogan  could we put on our team T-shirts or buttons or…?

Please Email me and share your thoughts!

Our Sealegs’ Team  T-shirt is “Stay Calm and ARGH!” Do you want to order one and be an ARGH team member?  Alex, Andy and I are in. If you, and 10 others or so, sign up maybe we can get a deal.

Once we have our T-Shirts we could do a virtual composite team picture in our awesome Tees!

Are you in? RSVP.

P.S. The Spencer’s burger was wonderful and included great fries.