pen paper listWhat floats your boat?  Gets you going? Charges you up? Is the fire within?

Here’s a passion discovery exercise you may enjoy.

Step One: List 4-5 positive events that happened in your childhood, youth, or earlier life.

Here are my mine:

  1. My dad built a very cool tree house just for me.
  2. My our fifth grade team won the city wide spelling contest.
  3. After almost being cut from the team, I won “Most Improved” on my high school swimming team .
  4. I built my children tree houses and forts when they were kids.
  5. I received an A in geometry my sophomore year in high school.

Step Two: Identify how the above experiences are meaningful for you. My numbered answers correspond to the numbers in Step One.

  1. My dad showing he valued me through his actions.
  2. Working together as a team and doing well with the team.
  3. Coach Phillips told me I didn’t get cut because I worked hard at the land exercises and at running. So I learned that all effort matters in an endeavor not just the direct effort, like swimming, in this case.
  4. Showing my children that I cared for them, like my dad showed me, through my actions.
  5. Believing in turnarounds. I regained hope after getting a D in Algebra the year before.

Step Three: Write a sentence about your passion based on the meanings in Step Two:

Investing in relationships, working as a team, working behind the scenes even with things that I’m not as good at and continuing forward after setbacks are important to me.

Step Four: Now write a brief passion statement in first person (use “I, me, my” pronouns).

My passion is to encourage others even when the going gets tough, setbacks occur, or we’re not the best at whatever we are doing.

Final Step: Write a highlight or takeaway for yourself from this exercise.

I’m glad I’m attracted to encouraging myself and others in times of struggle.


Please Reply and Email me your highlight if you get a chance.