¡Viviendo la vida vital!   Living the vital life!  At least that’s what my Yahoo Bable Fish translator sent back to me! 
We can be breathing and not be really living!   There are gobs of ways life can be stopped while we yet live.
The other day I heard Francis Chan live in Fresno.  He’s a 45 year old minister who has left his big successful church in Simi Valley to get out of his safe “boat” and do some “water-walking” work with the poor and disenfranchised! 
At one point during his talk he just stopped and said,  almost as an aside,  “I hear a lot of people talk about being burned out and exhausted.  I think they may just be bored.”
W0w!  I thought, I don’t want this to happen to me!  Or you!
If you are exhausted you may want to check you bordometer!    
Rediscovering and pursuing your true passion can reignite your ¡Viviendo la vida vital!