Leadership author and consultant, Tom Peters, encourages service that under promises and over delivers. Peters writes,

“A survey of banks supports this point. Banks with lower customer ratings tend to respond, for instance, to an early morning customer  query with, ‘We’ll be back to you by noon,’ or ‘We’ll be back to you.’  Then they get back to the customer at, say, 3 p.m.

“The top rated banks, such as Morgan Guaranty Trust of New York, reply, ‘We’ll be  back to you by close of business today’ — and they do — at 4 p.m., for example.”

If you ask for a later project deadline often, the one requesting the project is fine and even pleased with your suggestion. They are just glad you are responding at all. Not everyone does.  Then, if you get the project in early they are delighted!  A win either way!

Do you make long lists and never get them all done? Try under promising and over delivering to yourself  by using a shorter list.

ivy-ledbetter-leeRead here for Ivy Ledbetter Lee’s short list method!


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