My own Sealegs went south last night.  I was definitely in Landlubber Land–sulking and skulking because I was listening to those sithery sons of scurvy sludge who like to bully my soul with thoughts like, “It ain’t worth it,” and “Ye’ll ne’er make it,” and “Ye might as well give up ya survy dog.”

Thankfully, somehow I managed to get to my desk and touch the keyboard with the intent of writing you.

And just that step changed everything!

As I awakened my laptop a reminder note popped up on the side screen reading, “Call Uncle Clayton for his birthday.”

So I did.

I asked him how his birthday had been and he said, “Great! Joan (his daughter, my cousin) and I rode in a gondola up to around 10,000 feet alongside Mount Ranier. It was beautiful!”

As Uncle Clayton shared I realized that he had his Sealegs (and I had my story)!  He is really living it!

Pretty cool when you realize Clayton is 92 years young!

Cousin Joan wrote this note about her dad the other day:  “The wild and crazy guy is going to be 92 on Monday. He’s still doing great. Wears his jeans and golf shirts—no more suits…”

I got my Sealegs back just hearing about his gondola ride!

Isn’t it great when we keep on going and get up and go do the next thing?

For me it was getting in here to my office and touching the keyboard!  Everything got fun after that.

What’s the next Sealegs step for you?

How about checking out my Seven Seas teleseminar when you see the links for it in upcoming emails!

P.S. Then there was the 100 year old man who said, as he finished his ham and eggs and coffee and lit up a smoke,  “If I’d know I was going to live this long I’d of taken better care of myself!”

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