Too often we try to sell someone on trusting us.

We try to “WOW” them, to get them to believe in whatever we’re selling.

This may work on in the short haul.

But in the longer haul, after the sale, any hyped-up trust is put to the test and often broken because true trustworthiness wasn’t there in the first place. 

The follow through is missing.  The promised relationship with the customer or client disappears.  People feel used.

Long term trust is built through self-management. 

As we take responsibility for our own behavior, both the good and the bad, others will be drawn to our authenticity.

With the good we are clear about our customer’s, and our own, worth and value.  

With the bad we are clear about the real possibility of things going sideways and we are very slow to blame or pass the buck.  We are always ready to have the needed discussion.

Trust is not an entitlement based on status, position, or authority.

It is an earned, relational reward based on sincerity, partnership, and authenticity.

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