Over 25 years ago I looked at my life—house-by-the-lake, two cars (a lot for me then!), three boats (sail boat, sailboard, and scull), a flourishing not-for-profit (Oh, sweet irony!) organization, and…(wait for it!)…two freezers—and I wondered, “If I’ve got two freezers where is my faith?’

“I want to live by faith!” I cried upwards!

Boom! My world blew up! All that stuff went away—including the freezers.

What I got out of the deal was a chance at the faith stuff.  I was miserable! But I knew that’s what I’d asked for.

Now I realize, as a free-lancer, that I have become a bit of a trapeze artist, swinging from opportunity to opportunity! And, that takes faith! Or desperation. Or both!

I can’t see what’s ahead, but I’m starting to believe that what’s ahead is great!

What are you up to?


P.S. La Vida Loca for old times sake!