What do Tiger Woods, Lawrence Cherono, and Notre Dame Cathedral, and Jacqueline Twining Mueller all have in common? Answer: I heard about all four today, and I’m pretty sure they’ve all seen some stuff. (click “source” for all) Tiger Woods cnbc.com reports: “Tiger Woods collected his 15th major win, and his fifth Masters, at the 2019 Masters Tournament on Sunday. The 43-year-old hadn’t won a major championship since 2008 when he triumphed at the U.S. Open. “Besides donning the coveted green jacket, Woods earned a sizable paycheck: $2.07 million, which is the standard 18 percent of the total pot. When Woods won the tournament in 2001 and earned $1 million, he became the first winner to earn seven figures. Now, he’s the first Masters champion to earn more than $2 million.” Pride Point: Tiger kept playing. Lawrence Cherono of Kenya cbsnews.com reports: “On the men’s side, Lawrence Cherono of Kenya won the men’s Boston Marathon in a photo finish sprint against Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia. Cherono was trailing Desisa in the final block but sprinted ahead to pass Desisa in the final stretch.” Hey, my ambulating peeps, Lawrence of Kenya sprinted past Lelisa of Ethiopia right at the finish line after 26 miles of running. That’s one step better and faster after about 50,000 steps. Please pause and re-Argh, Lawrence of Kenya. Pride Point: Lawrence kept on stepping. Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris Notre Dame (French for “Our Lady”) Cathedral in Paris burned today. So very sad. It reminds us that things are fragile down here—just a vapor. Pride Point: The French will rally and rebuild—like New Yorkers, other Americans, and so many world-wide when our Twin Towers fell. Notre Dame is already rising! Jacqueline Twining Mueller (1935—2019) of New Jersey; Merced, California; and many other places around the world as an U.S. Air Force spouse and mother of five. Jacqueline Mueller, went home to glory today at 12:30 AM. Her daughter, Jalene, told me Jacqueline made it to Tax Day before leaving. I can hear her chuckling with the last laugh. She faithfully served as treasurer of our innovative micro-church ministry (simplechurchsuccess.com), and considered me her pastor since 1989. I am so honored. Pride Point: Faithfulness Rocks! Thank you, Jacqueline! You Rock! Argh!