In the episode of “Three Little Beers” (Video) the Stooges need to get into a golf tournament.  At the the country club registration desk  they are informed that only members of the Press are admitted.  

So they go into the Gentleman’s Lounge and come back a few minutes later with their “Press” buttons  to show the receptionist. 

Here’s their script.

Moe: Press! (shows a press button  that is obviously stolen from the sink or toilet)
Larry: Press! (does the same)
Curly: Pull! (shows a “pull” button also from the men’s room then runs to join the others leaving behind a befuddled receptionist!)

When it comes to working with and leading others do you “press”  people to get them moving or “pull” them along?

Maybe you’d  prefer a third button that would work even better…

Take your pick…or create your own:

Pressure, Persuade, Placate, Please, Promote, Pummel, Put down,  Preside,  Plan, P________?

Which one will get you past the receptionist and into the leadership club? 

Discuss among yourselves… :-)) !