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Some of us want to write emails that are easy-to-read, accurate, organized, and convincing.

In the various business writing and grammar classes I teach around the country my participants have lots of ah-ha’s and break-throughs. They learn how to really connect with their readers–including their boss! I love it!

I also love your writing stories. I want to gently re-awaken the great, powerful writing giant napping within each of us.

Memories help with this. Here are some of your “early writing memory” comments:

  1. Since I remember, writing has been a struggle for me. I preferred math. I write because I have to write. That’s not one of my strengths.
  2. Remember when having a real large dictionary was the thing? My parents got one and proudly displayed it on the coffee table. I signed it when I was about 5. Did not get in trouble, mom was proud I could spell my name. My signature was in crayon.
  3. My first memory of writing was typing out little one stanza poems for each member of my family for Valentine’s Day on my Mother’s portable Remington typewriter.  I was probably 7 or 8.
  4. My fondest memories of my mother are of her helping me to write the alphabet letters and my name. In grade school she would help me with my writing assignments too. I especially remember having difficulty writing a poem that was assigned, and we wrote that poem together.
  5. Sometime around the age of four, or while I was in preschool, my mom decided to put a large green chalkboard in my room.  I would practice writing line after scribbly line, which I really enjoyed.
    My second favorite place to write happened to be under my parent’s coffee table. The coffee table had curved heavy legs and a dark wood top, the underside wasn’t as dark as the top so the crayons showed up nicely on the wood (they must not have bought me paper). I remember drawing circles and people figures.
    I haven’t written that much since those days, for the sole purpose of creative writing back then was fun. Good memories.

Thank you for writing! I’m listening. Please practice writing by writing me!

Here’s how: 1. Click reply. 2. Write about your current writing challenges. 3. Click send. 4. I’ll read and respond.

Best re-Arghs, me hearties,
Cap’n John