The researcher asks the classroom of 30 kindergardners, “How many of you are artists?”

All of them raise their hands.

The researcher then proceeds through each grade at the elementary school.

Eventually arriving at sixth grade he asks the same question,

“How many of you are artists?”

Out of about 30 students how many raised their hands?

The answer is: Two.

And they were a bit embarrassed about it.

Why the change?

Artistry, Creativity, Music, Fun, Color, Inventing involve…Risk.

Have you shared your creativity with anyone at work lately?

Project:  Using one piece of blank paper, right now make a gift for someone else at work.   Use whatever you have handy to create something with/on the paper.  Sign and date it.  Give it to the person you made it for.  Quickly, before the safe you takes over again.

PLEASE, Email me! your response during the process and your recipient’s response.

Have fun! Risk. Play. Risk. Feel. Risk. Create.