The key to success is asking better questions!”

— Anthony Robbins
Grammar Pirate's favorite letter
Not B, but R

In our grammar (and even in our leader) classes when our fine bark, the Good Ship Lollipop, feels a bit at-sea and rudderless, I ask,

“What’s the pirate’s favorite letter?”

R The R-rrrrrr!!! roar so many! And, they R-rrrrrr certainly correct!

C But lately we’ve been hearing that pirates love the C! That makes for some waves and great surfing, as well

X “X marks the spot!” cried one of our online Cap’ns the other day. (BTW: Every hearty one who sails over and comes aboard for one of our on-deck classes receives the Cap’n rank. Then, after they get the lay of the ship, they can self-promote or demote at will. We’ve had commodores, deckhands, swabbies, and even a boson (I had to look that one up! Argh!)!

I I for for Aye, me hearty! Now, we wouldn’t have learned all this without asking the crews about the pirate’s favorite letter. And, it wasn’t until we went virtual that the wealthy “X” and the agreeable “I” rose to the fore!

What are your questions or comments?

Why “knot” share? Argh!

Captain John
Argh, me Hearties! The favorite letter?
It be the “Y“! Why knot?