C. S. Lewis“Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” are rights listed in our Constitution’s “Bill of Rights.”

Some feel obligated to be happy and feel guilty when they are unhappy.

Others get nervous and try to fix people that are unhappy.

Sometimes unhappy people are scolded and told that they should be happy.

C.S. Lewis, professor at Oxford (1925-54) then Cambridge University (1954-63) thought that personal maturity came more as a result of suffering than of happiness. He proposed that suffering teaches us to love and be loved.

Lewis saw suffering as a gift. He wrote that suffering helps us grow up “out of the nursery to help others.”

If that’s true then going through suffering can be a good thing. It may help us become more compassionate and self-aware, thus increasing our capacity to love. It may help us to be more self-managed and patient, thus attracting others to trust, admire, and even love us.

Do you have a leader that really cares and that you truly admire?  They have probably suffered long and well.

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