The Giant, that is, the San Francisco Giants, 2010 and 2012 World Series Champions, are in last place this year.

The Giant, Microsoft Computer, is in crisis.  “Discontent among Microsoft shareholders has hit an all-time high,” says Rick Sherlund, a software analyst at Nomura Securities, as Wall Street worries that the company has still not come up with an adequate response to the waning demand for PCs.   Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO for 33 years, and the third most famous Steve* in computer business history, is resigning early to make room for fresh leadership.

The Giant, Apple Computer, is losing market share and its pizzazz  factor to Samsung and other rising giants.

Giants.  They rise, fall, and even die.

Much of our formative training teaches us to seek giant-ness…to be great, big, powerful and winning in our personal and professional life.  We measure time, money, weight, heart-rate, calories, mileage, distance, speed, budgets, schedules, calls, leads, savings, investments, plus types and numbers of friends, acquaintances or customers to see how we’re doing.

Then once we arrive we get concerned with falling.  Older, fallen giants often spend the rest of their life talking about the good old days back when they were somebody.

Rather than chasing success based on size or position you may do better to listen and serve, to be in the moment, and follow your passion – figuring out: what you love to do, what you what believe is worth doing, and doing that.


*Just for fun:  who are the other two Steve’s? Please email me your answer. Email Me