The long haired guy is Tim Lincecum.  The long bearded one is Brian Wilson.  Both are National League All-Star pitchers who pitch for the San Francisco Giants.

Lincecum, skinny at 172 pounds and long-haired, has been called The Freak since his college days.  Sports Illustrated sealed that deal by labeling him “The Freak” on the SI cover last year.

Wilson has been dubbed The Beard since he started growing a beard during the 2010 season.  “Fear the Beard”  signs soon began popping up at the games.   This year The Beard seems, well, a year longer and is a very recognisable marketing icon for the Giants!

Their eccentricities of  hair  and, in Lincecum’s case, skinniness would mean nothing if they weren’t great at what they do.   But the fact that they both great and also take fashion risks makes them all the more interesting and intriguing to watch and follow.

If you are really great at something and then someone teases you or points out one of your idiosyncracies just roll with it.  It could become a branding bonus for you!

Herb is the best dressed IT tech I’ve ever met.  I was shocked when I found out he was the computer guy (geek, nerd) for the whole company (and I told him so)!  He didn’t fit the stereotype.  He’s stands out.

Maria is a UC Davis award-winning  instructor.  She is still going strong, teaching all day, and is in her mid-80’s.   She doesn’t hide that fact,  it’s her strong point!  (By the way, when I talked to Maria about this article she didn’t know their names but immediately knew who The Freak and The Beard were!  LOL!)

Focus on being great at what you do!  Then your uniqueness that makes you different may become one of your greatest selling points!