L_A__County_Fair_at_DuskWe can’t predict our impact on another. We can invest, hope, try, serve, and work. But the impact is out of our hands. It’s often very different than what we first thought or planned.

We have our heart set on one thing but another thing happens. Because of this, it’s easy to get disappointed and even bitter. We can begin to think, and even to grumble, that life is not fair.

Back in the day, whenever someone in our codependency recovery support group would say that something or someone wasn’t fair, Warren, our facilitator, would reframe our thoughts.

“The fair’s in Pomona!” he’d pop-off, “You’ll have to go down there to get some fair. Otherwise don’t count on it.”  Warren was, after all, a Los Angeles County boy.

I still like to remind myself and others,  “The fair’s in Pomona!” whenever we lose perspective.

Thank you, Warren, wherever you are. Closer to Pomona I hope. Would you be surprised that your saying would end up in my blog over 20 years later? What an impact!


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