sails_windThis is the 176th Sealegs for Success blog. Blog #1 was published in October 20, 2010, titled, “Listening Well” and included a floppy eared goat photo! Now five years later it may  be an old goat! “Na-a-a-ah!”

Our Sealegs team is reviewing the Sealegs blogs in order to  select and compile a “Best of…” e-book that we will make available soon.

If you have a Sealegs blog that the stands out for you we would love to get your vote for it and the reason you like it.

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Fun History!

Sealegs earliest subscribers on record are:  Alma, Gerald, Beatriz, and Bonnie all from an August, 2009 Sealegs LifeShop Anaheim.  If any of you faithful four read this please write and let me know.

I wrote an earlier blog called Parker’s Weekly to which many of you subscribed. So you are the core, core group, but I can’t those earlier PW lists. Still I know you are here and I thank you for staying on board through the transition to the official Sealegs blog in late 2009!   I’d love to hear from you too!

Fun Help!

Again, please let me know if you have a Sealegs favorite! Click Here to Reply! Thanks!