“I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught.”  — Winston Churchhill

Great coaching draws out our  best!

We really don’t need lots of new information.  We do better to get revelation on what we already have stored up inside.

After last week’s article a friend asked me to comment on the benefits of coaching.  So I thought I’d share what the benefits are for me in hopes of answering their question.

The benefits for me of investing in having a coach and being coached are:

  1. I can set my own goals.  I choose what to work on and what I hope to get from the session at the beginning.  My coach simply helps get me where I want to go.
  2. The drawing out work is done for me.   My good coach asks great questions that help me to discover great answers and what action steps to take.
  3. I’m not in trouble for wrong answers or crazy opinions.  My coach doesn’t condemn or impose.
  4. The organizing is done for me too.   The coach’s job is to watch the clock and move us to the outcome.  That lets me relax and think and, of course, talk!
  5. I leave with powerful action steps and, because know that I’ll talk with my  coach again about those steps at the next session, I am really motivated.   Perhaps you’ve noticed that action steps are much easier to sluff off when no one is watching.   Walt, my coach observed, “I could coach myself, but I invest in getting coached because I find I get my goals accomplished about three times faster that way!”   I agree.
  6. I define ideas that have been floating around inside.  When I talk it through I become clearer about what makes sense.  Coaching makes a space for me to do that.
  7. I have more hope than ever that I will actually do the things I’m called to do, designed to do, and dream of doing.

Maybe next time I’ll write about the benefits of being a coach.  I love that too!

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