Dr. Lawrence Lautenbaugh, retired dean of the school of business where I received my undergrad marketing degree, had returned to teach a couple of classes.   I grabbed the chance to sign up for his personal investment class.

That was in 1973.  And he boldly predicted that the stock market would soon hit 1000!

More importantly he taught a wealth perspective that still bubbles up when those nasty scarcity gobblins come knocking!   Pointing his big old index finger at us, which wavered a bit from age, he raises his voice and loudly declares,

“Listen!  There’s enough pie for everybody!”  

Now, almost forty years later, I hear prosperity sayings quite frequently.  Above them all I hear Dr. L.’s booming voice and I see that second slice of pie!  And I know that there is, indeed, enough.

Then I can give my slice away, or at least a slice of my slice.  And I know there’s more pie somewhere.

Even if someone comes along and takes what looks like the last piece.

There’s still more…

…and I’m pretty sure it’s lemon meringue.

…or chocolate cream

…or cherry a la mode.