Thankee, Me Hearty!

Cap’n John Arghs about Showing Up, Motivation, and Courage!

Thankee for Showing Up!

80% of success is just showing up to hunt for more treasure. Indeed, you are already an argh-rageous success! Admiral-level Arghs to you! Enjoy the following thought-treasures.

Mighty Motivation

Motivation equals a Reason to Act. While cheers and “rah-rahs” are nice, without substance they can wear thin.

Sealegging buccaneers, sailors, bosuns, and scallywags like you get motivated by treasures that help them successfully sail the seas of work and life!

Believe me, crewmate, our California Gold Nugget is a yar vessel! She pays us big bounties in tools, tips, and treasures for relational sailing, surfing, and selfing on the high seas of humanity! Argh!

Deeper Diving


Be not ashamed of Arghing, me hearty! Arghing matters! Out on these turbulent high seas of work and personal life.

Defining ARGH: frequentative of arguere ‘make clear, prove, accuse’.  expressing frequent repetition or intensity of action.


Learning to Argh without arguing and remaining both clear and kind! Trusty true treasure indeed!

Best re-Arghs,
Cap’n John

Captain John