Hunter StricklandHere’s my happy follow-up to my last note two days ago, “When the Giants pitcher pitcher lost it and  began yelling at the winning Royals’ players.”

As I watched the game tonight the announcer commended that pitcher for taking responsibility and for apologizing!  So I wanted to let you know right away! And now I will name him – Hunter Strickland – humble superstar!   Below are some details.

By JOSH DUBOW ASSOCIATED PRESS  SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Hunter Strickland apologized Thursday for the way he handled himself in Game 2 of the World Series after allowing yet another postseason home run.

Strickland caused the benches to clear Wednesday night when he shouted at Kansas City’s Salvador Perez after allowing a two-run homer in the sixth inning to Omar Infante in San Francisco’s 7-2 loss.

Strickland first shouted at himself, which caught the attention of Perez, who was going home from second base and shouted back. That led Strickland to yell back at Perez and the benches to clear.

“I’m embarrassed about it,” Strickland said. “I was in the moment. I took it a little too far and my emotions got to me. There’s no hard feelings toward anybody. It’s just what happens. I’m going to own up for what I did.”

“He’s had ups and downs,” manager Bruce Bochy said. “Two days ago the question was, am I going to use him in sixth or seventh? Now he has a rough outing and that changes. That’s how the game goes. But this is a tough kid. I was proud of how he owned his actions after the game. He stood up and he said, ‘Hey, I made a mistake. I let my emotions lead me there.’ But still, he’s part of this club, and he’s part of this bullpen.”

Post script:  Hunter Strickland closed the game tonight with fantastic pitching!

Game 4: Giants 11 Royals 4  –  World Series games tied: 2-2.

Thank you, Hunter Strickland, for being a great pitcher and even more for being a great person!