I watched  “Biography” on TV the other night.  It was about the life of Colonel Harlan Sanders.

Do you know how old he was when he started Kentucky Fried Chicken?


Need I say more?
When the new highway by-passed his motel and restaurant and only paid him enough to cover his debts he could have slunk off into bitterness and defeat crying…

“I don’t deserve this! I should be retiring now!”

Instead, he figured out one thing he did well…

Yes…of course!

He was good at cooking “finger lickin’ good” chicken with 11 secret herbs and spices.

Sanders took $105 from his first Social Security check and started visiting potential franchisees.   That was in 1955.  He sold KFC just nine years later for 2 million dollars at the age of 74.  (from Wikipedia)

At 90, the year he died, he was asked what advice he’d give to the rest of us.

“65 is a good time to get started!” he replied.

That’s some “finger lickin’ good” inspiration…no matter who you are!