I last sent this post out in 2013 entitled: “Two’s company!  Three’s a crowd!”

Now I’m naming it:  “Small is the new big!” Invest in the small and big will result—not always visibly but in results! Here’s the post:

What we said as kids,

“Two’s company!  Three’s a crowd!”

…can be mathematically proven.

The  formula is:

P x P – P  = R

P = the number of people in your group, unit, family, team.

R = the number of relationships.

For example a group of two ends up with just two relationships — company!

2 x 2-2 = 2

But a group of three ends up with six relationships — a crowd!

3 x 3 – 3 = 6

And a softball team of ten has 90 relationships!

10 x 10 – 10 = 90  —  a whole lot of relationships!

Summary:  If your group is experiencing some chaos or conflict just say to yourself, “Argh, me hearty, of course, this be normal. We be havin’ ourselves quite a crowd”

Figure out the number of relationships in your team and let me know. Or, any other thoughts? Just click Reply and send.  I love hearing from you, and I will write back! 

Best re-Arghs!
Cap’n John