Skillpath.fwI’m not in Kansas anymore.  But I did just spend a week there in rigorous training toward receiving my certification as a SkillPath Trainer.

And, I passed!  Yahoo!

The training was excellent and helped me see and learn lots of new things about developing training and facilitation expertise.

You may know that, along with my own Parker Resources “Sealegs for Success” Training and Coaching,  I also do training regionally as a Workshop Presenter for Merced College Workplace Resource Learning Center and that I do training statewide  as an Instructor for the University of California Davis Center for Human Services.  Now I’m excited to also work with SkillPath, a nationwide training organization.

In one five day work week coming up soon I will actually be doing a training for each one the four wonderful organizations I just named.  Of course, all of the trainings I do compliment each other in that I am usually teaching one or more of the soft-skills developed around communication and team-building and conflict-resolution.

Some believe that soft-skills are truly hard-skills to master.  I’m inclined to think so too.  Perhaps that’s why I like to teach them and work on practicing them. They are often difficult and yet so delightful once learned.