We played the change game in my class today.  Each pair of participants was asked to turn their back on their partner and change five things about their appearance. They could change, add, or take away, items about their dress and appearance.  Then they were asked to turn around and guess what the other person, in their pair, changed.

We did a second round the same way, changing five more things.  Then started round three  but then, I told them I was just kidding and they could quit. There was lots of laughter over the whole ordeal.

Then, we looked at the Seven Change Experiences people usually have during change.

Here’s the seven:

1.People will feel awkward, ill-at-ease, self-conscious.
2.People will think about what they have to lose or give up.
3.People will feel alone even if everyone else is going through the change.
4.People can handle only so much change.
5.People are at different levels of readiness for change.
6.People will be concerned that they don’t have enough resources.
7.People will revert back to the old behaviors once the pressure’s off.
Participants then discuss which of the Seven they experienced the most during the game and in real life times of change.
Consider which one or ones you experience most during times of change.
Number 6. is usually the one I think about when I’m experiencing a change.  What about you?


Please click here and let me know your choice when you have a minute.