Last week’s question: Which do you like better “See You at the Top” or “See you on the Trail”

Here are your responses, in the order received:

  1. I like that you offer it for free. (To which I responded: I think you mean I offer my weekly Sealegs for free. Right? If so, then, Yes, gladly. Their answer was, Yes. To which I offer a hearty, “So be it! And, thank you!”)
  2. Good morning! “See you on the trail.”
  3. “See you on the trail”, because it illustrates it is about the journey, not the destination.
  4. “See you on the Trail!” of course! There is no telling how long it will take to get to the top, and good friends are important along the way.
  5. “See you on the trail” means you are still moving forward.  I would never want to be at the top with no place else to go. 
  6. “See you on the Trail”. I make good money and have a full life. I don’t need to be in Upper Management. It’s not worth a few dollars an hour for the extra headaches. I enjoy my job and love my Family!…
  7. “See you on the trail!”
  8. “See you on the Trail”
  9. “See you on the trail.” I feel like we are on a journey each day. And I meet people along the way – at work and other places through each day. 
  10. “See you at the Top!” I feel like the right answer is “see you on the trail”, but I really prefer “see you at the top!” For me, this represents a goal everyone can see and is working towards, and you know you’re not alone in that effort. I like “see you at the top” better for myself, but when encouraging others, I would most likely use “see you on the trail.” 
  11. I like both for work. They both mean the same to me- we are all trying to do our best: for ourselves, team and organizations.
  12. I prefer the “See you on the Trail!”   To me, it seems like it is more collaborative than the other one, which seems like you will see them when you get there at the top.  Everyone makes it there on their own.  The other appears to convey that you go up the trail together.    Far more meaningful and with the support of others.  Seems better.

My Opinion: I am a Professional Development Adventure Guide. As a guide am committed to your success. I will see you and walk with you on the trail you are committed to and work with you to reach your desired destination. 

If your destination is to the top, I want to journey with you there. If it is somewhere else, I will go with you there. Either way, I want to walk alongside you as the guide from the side not the sage on the stage. Argh!

By the way, See You at the Top is the title of the Zig Ziglar’s 1975 book—now in its 25th edition.*