I get a kick out of tweeting.  Tweets are really mini-blogs of 140 characters or less.  It’s fun to try and say something significant in that short space.

Here are my Sealegs Tweets since November 11th starting with the most recent.

  1. trying to do our life perfectly stops  healthy risk-taking in its tracks
  2. trying to do our life perfectly has stopped many steps toward success
  3. Listening is the action step that replaces defending ourselves with each other. Peter Block #listening
  4. When you say you believe in or for something look for the actions built into it & do them. That will make your belief whole & complete.
  5. what we can do with people’s doubts is get interested in them, not fear, freak, or fight. #listening #curiosity
  6. the enemy of commitment is lip service not opposition. – Peter Block
  7. How valuable are you planning for today to be?
  8. early 1900s ad: “wanted: men for Antarctic expedition. low pay. lousy food. safe return doubtful.”  5000+ men applied.
  9. tonight I’m eating at  Everett & Jones BBQ  at  Jack London Square in Oakland I ordered the beef chicken & ribs
  10. If an invitation is authentic, then refusal of that invitation is perfectly acceptable…no guilt punishment frowns or questions
  11. what commitment do you hold that brought you to this social media place where you are reading this post right now?


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