First, it’s not Beirox or Beiroxi. It’s a Beirock! The plural is Beirocks. They are referred to as a covey, gaggle, group, flock, basketful, or tray of Beirocks (Hey! Why not? You guys liked beirocks spelled beirox, right?).

Second, there are a lot bierock fans: Here are some beirock comments:

  • Kelly: Good morning John, My only question is where can I get a Beirox in Fresno now?  I have to have one. Thanks!
  • Janice: I am subscribed to your blog, which I totally enjoy each time it appears in my email. This one hit home particularly hard as I grew up on bierocks. I am a German from Russia and my grandparents always made these when I was growing up. I don’t know if you are still in the Fresno area, but The Berrock Shop is a great place to get bierocks (if you don’t make them your self!!). It is located at the northwest corner of West and Bullard avenues in the Save Mart Shopping Center.

Phone-in orders: 559-439-0402
Hours of operation:
Monday – Friday 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Closed Sunday

  • Betty: Well, I just learned that is how it’s spelled too. My (now 90 year old) grandmother last made these for me eight years ago when I was pregnant and asked her for the recipe. I think I will need to make them soon too. Thanks for the memories.   (Sorry, Betty I was wrong. It’s beirocks. LOL! ARGH!)
  • Sean: Good morning John, There are a few places in the Fresno area to get beirox/beirocks.  I recommend a small shop in Clovis called Scoops, Soups & More and eating one with mustard. Thank you!
  • Alex: Good day! Bierock Shop in Fresno on Bullard/Fruit. If in Madera, try Nonni’s Bakery Tuesday-Friday. Made fresh daily for lunch & oh so delicious!
  • Mercedes: I learned something new today  — Bierox! (I do think it is, a better looking spelling!-JP)
  • Roger: Thanks John, We had bierocks for lunch at Scandinavian Elementary in Fresno also. They were too good to throw, I just ate mine with gusto.
  • Vivian: Happy Holidays, John, My mouth has been watering waiting for the beirock recipe…will it be published soon? Yes, Vivian! Beirocks recipe here!

Today’s Leadership Lesson: Do something even if you think you know how to spell something and actually don’t know how! No one yelled at me and some loved my new spelling!

Finally, what’s even better than beer on the  rocks? Now we know! Beirocks! Better eaten than thrown!

Please Reply to the question: What does food have to do with great leadership? (Or reply with any thing you want to!)