Mapping through the Winds of Change

Our change map shows four stages or quadrants of change:

  1. Denial-–This happens when we’re first encountering a change and we’re not sure it’s really happening or we don’t believe it’s happening, and we tend to minimize that possibility. We don’t make fun of people about being in denial or shame them. We realize denial is an appropriate time and space to pause and begin to wonder about what’s coming or what’s happening.
  2. Resistance—Now we see that it’s actually going to happen, and our emotions start kicking in. The big four emotions are anger confusion and (hidden away underneath those two power emotions is) fear. All of that followed by sorrow. These emotions are the essence of the grieving process. When things change, people react different ways. Do well by with your own emotions—in that way you can walk alongside others who have emotions without punishing them, shaming them, ridiculing them, or trying to fix them. We do better if we just walk alongside people and listen well during this time.
  3. Exploration—We’ve gone across the river into the “promised land” from the old “wilderness.” If you can see the video, you’ll see there’s a squiggly line crossing over the river. This indicates that we are encouraging people to try little things, and we’re not shaming anybody who has trouble crossing. We are giving them time. We are talking about the possibilities and benefits of crossing. We are affording them time to grieve their departure from the old past. We hopeful words like exploration, playing, experimenting, and building this plane in flight. There are no mistakes. If we make some, we celebrate our learning. Note that, even though people have crossed over and they may still be uncomfortable with the new way.
  4. Commitment—Now the folks are getting stronger about the change and more comfortable with it and even becoming experts that can help others. Thus, we are modeling the way for the experts to walk with others who are still crossing over and exploring. In quadrant four are the words about focus and vision and completion. Probably the best motivator for anyone is a vision of the benefits for making make this change.

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Captain John

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