Matt Cain is the old man of the San Francisco Giants. He’s been with the club longer than anyone else on the team.  He’s 26!

A couple of days ago Cain was quoted as saying of the Giants, “We’ve gone through our good spurts and our bad spurts. But this year, we just popped right back out of it., whereas in years past, we might have sat in those ruts a little bit longer. I think that’s what has made this year special.” (Andrew Baggarly, San Jose Mercury News October 28, 2010)

So Matt Cain claims his Giants who are ahead in the World Series are getting out their ruts faster.  That’s why he believes they’ve made it this far!

Like the National League Champion Giants, we all have ruts, dips, and times when we get down.  The question is how long will we choose to stay in them!

Actually every forward step we take has a downside to it.  We have to fall (forward) to take the step. In actual walking we’re so used to those falls (ruts, dips, down times) we don’t even notice them.

Now let’s do the same thing with all of our ruts. Call them normal and signs of progress.  They just mean we have taken a step, we are on the move, and our break though is coming soon!