Thanks for your ideas for improving my rendition of this quote on change:

“Change is the essence of life…

Success is found in trading in what you have been

for what you can become.”


Here are your thoughtful revisions:

“Change is the essence of life…

  1. Success is found in embracing that change to build upon what you have been, in order to become new again.” – Joan D.
  2. Success is found by trading in what you have been for what you can become, while still remembering and honoring the past.”  – Leslie O.
  3. Success comes in growing from what you’ve been into what you can yet become.” – Cindy B.
  4. Success is found in building your past into your future.” – Laticia D.
  5. Giving up your boundaries allows you to take your life and soar” – Kathy D.
  6. Success is found in celebrating what you have been and embracing what you can become.”- Terry M.
  7. You can’t sail to the limits of your potential by remaining anchored to what you currently are.” – Brian S.
  8. Success is found in ex-changing in what you have been for what you can become.” – Sandra T.
  9. Success is found in building upon what you have been to create what you can become.” – Kathy R.
  10. Be willing to trade who are to what you can become.” – Marrianne M.
  11. Success is found when you are willing to accept who you are, just as you are, then surrender, and trade it in for who you want to become.” – Kimberly P.
  12. Success is recognizing and accepting what we have been and striving to be what we can become.” – Carol R.
  13. Success is letting go so that you can become who you already are.” – Vikki T.
  14. Honor your past with the willingness to trade in what you have been for what you can become.” – Benjamin G.
  15. “Change is the essence of life, it is inevitable. Success can be found by taking  past experiences that make us who we are today, owning who we are and being willing to surrender what we have become for who we can become. –  Carol H.
  16. “Transformation its not what we do but what we allow God to do.”  – Brent W.
  17. “Change is something that we talk about all the time here at work.  It seems that we have to go through certain things in order to realize that changes needs to happen. – Mary A.

Thank you for the your great responses.

Please email me the number(s) of your favorite quote.


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In my recent workshops on Change I’ve shown a photo of a beautiful butterfly coming out of it’s chrysalis, or protective cocoon.

The title under the photo is CHANGE and the saying under that was originally:

“Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you can become.”

I wasn’t settled with it as is and tweaked it a bit to read:

“Change is the essence of life.  Success is found in trading in what you have been for what you can become.”

I’m still not completely thrilled with it since I think our past is important and can give credence to what we can become.  What I like about the main idea is the willingness to try that new and different step of newness which may involve some letting go of the past and some risk about the future.

Can you help me think this through? How would you revise the saying to honor the past but maintain the “trading in” or “surrender” for “what you can become” ?

Please click here and Email me your Rewrite.