resilience wheelThree connections will help you get your bounce back and keep it.

  1. Connect with yourself.
  2. Connect with a positive group.
  3. Connect with a close friend.

Here are some guidelines for developing each connection:

1. Connect with yourself by:

  • Slowing down
  • Stopping
  • Self-assessing
  • Self-managing
  • Soaking in contentment

2. Connect with a positive group which:

  • Shares struggles with each other
  • Listens and empathizes
  • Doesn’t fix or sneak in advice
  • Practices high warmth/low criticism
  • Encourages supportive relationships
  • Appreciates the unique talents and worth

3. Connect with a close friend who:

  • Believes in you
  • Gives encouragement, provides support,
  • Shows acceptance of who you are, appreciates you
  • Gives helpful criticism only when asked
  • Reciprocates and shares experiences and feelings
  • Empathizes and listens well

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