Congressional leaders sang “God Bless America” that day. Where were you? What do you remember?

Who does remember?

“Adults can generally recall events from 3–4 years old and have primarily experiential memories beginning around 4.7 years old.” (Wikipedia) Thus, those approaching 24-years-old and above may have some direct memories about 9/11.

My remember-er has kicked in more this year than ever, since the tragic event. I’m glad, sad, tender, and grateful.


Rethink, repent, reconsider, recollect.

The caregivers (counselors, ministers, leaders, parents, friends, etc.) participated in a weekend retreat of silence. The purpose was to recollect and, then, re-collect the broken, torn, and scattered pieces of their lives. They hoped to reintegrate and regather their integrity. The quiet time worked for many.

Yes, it’s easy to get scattered, disintegrated, and diminished.

The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers…”
—1807, William Wordsworth


Some say remembering is enough.
Some may add that rethinking is helpful.
Others may say that those are nothing without action.

What would Nike say?
What do you say?

Is there something you are thinking about doing?

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