Great_Western_DramaThe Wild West poster shows a  daring young cowboy on a bucking bronco. Its headline reads,


Designed to draw a crowd back then and it still does now!

We are drawn to reckless, thrilling sports, including bronco busting! Or to reckless, thrilling TV and movie  drama.  Or to the reckless thrilling local, national, and world news.

We watch others take risks.  We get nice, safe thrills. But we are just watching.

Perhaps we are designed to take steps of faith too. Maybe that’s when our own lives become thrilling.

Mother Teresa thrilled the world through her risky, selfless giving. She said:

“Love has no meaning if it isn’t shared. Love has to be put into action. You have to love without expectation, do something for love itself, not for what you may receive.”

What’s your next wild and risky step of faith and love?

Take it and you’ll bring hope along too!


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