Cute Raccoon Looking at Us
Wandering? Wondering? Working?

Some insightful Sealeggers participated in the Official Raccoon Survey. a few weeks ago. Thank you for your Sealegs community investment! Argh!

The survey intro reads: “Like raccoons, during our day we tend to work, wander, or wonder.  Which raccoon activities you practice most at work, and why?”

Participants ranked activities at work from 1=lowest to 5=highest.


Working won! Wondering came in a strong second! Wandering is valuable too—to a lesser degree.

Insightful comments:

~ I spend much time Wondering about the tasks I am performing. My questions are: Why are we doing it this way? Could it be automated? Is this even needed to complete the task? Why is it important?

~ I like all three! I think each one builds on the other: Working=5; Wondering=4; Wandering=3.

~ I’m Wondering where the ship is sailing next…and do raccoons swim? Editor: Thank you for your important questions and thank you for Wondering!
First: Our next sail is toward Business Writing Success.
And, Second: Yes, raccoons swim, but not recreationally, more for food or to fight/escape predators. (Click for More Info)

~ Regarding the raccoon photoed:
—It doesn’t look like it’s moving
—It seems to be observing, thinking and assessing.
—Is not working with its hands but it may be with its senses

Thank you for seeking to appreciate raccoons. Please leave your additional comments below.

Best re-Arghs,
Cap’n John