Starting is hard, but so is stopping.

After writing a column in a small town weekly newspaper for over 15 years, I quit. Last month, voluntarily, under no pressure or duress, I let the let newspaper know that I was stopping.

My editor’s “retiring” and moving-on was a big factor in my decision.  I tried writing for a few more weeks but then realized this was a good time for me to move-on too.

Feelings ranging from elated to awkward then showed up.  Elation occurred, as the subtle writing pressures that had been around me all those years, for about half of every week, went away.  Awkwardness and emptiness also came sneaking around trying to fill up the vacuum of reduced activity.

How about you?  Have you stopped something lately? How’s that going?

Perhaps, it’s time for you to stop something.

I’d enjoy hearing back from you about your journey.