We are inclined to use the period.  It is the most comfortable.  With it we can make definitive statements.  Bravo.

But when others don’t seem to be listening we may start raising our voice and using exclamation marks!!!   Like the speaker who wrote in his notes, “Point weak. Yell here!”   

The great communicators do well with questions, don’t they?    Socrates did almost all of his teaching with questions, didn’t he?   Asking a question may indicate that someone else’s input is desired, right?  Isn’t that a big part of the question’s power?   And its risk?

Yes, asking questions can be risky.  By asking we may end up appearing intrusive, pushy, nosey, controlling or manipulative.  

Do you remember, as a kid, being asked a question in class  and getting it wrong?  What happened next?  Everyone laughed, groaned, or snickered…sometimes even the teacher.  That’s why many have chosen the path of the period. And the exclamation mark!!    They both lessen the risk.

I just Googled “asking better questions” and found this site  right at the top.  Would you like to check it out? 

How many questions are in this article?   Just asking.