abc-building-blocksHappy Thanksgiving!

A fun way to give thanks is to play the Alphabet Game. Play it by yourself when you need a lift or with a group of any and all ages—like the one you may have around you on Thanksgiving Day or during the rest of the Holidays!


  1. Start with the letter A, then B, next C and so on.
  2. Go around the room and ask each person to come up with a word that matches their letter.

For example:

A. — I am thankful for Antelopes

B. — I am thankful for Biscuits

C. — I am thankful for Cousins

and so on!

Have fun! And have a thankful thanksgiving!

A. — I am thankful for ARGH-ing!

Cap’n John

B.  — Your turn!  (reply and let me know)