leaning-tower-of-pisa-is-a-bell-tower-in-pisa-pisa-italyPerfection kills dreams!

Enjoy imperfection and get moving!

Perfection steals hope, dreams and risk-taking!

Perfection’s best friend is…


That logical, practical, thoughtful, and wasteful dream-killer!

We dream! Wonderful!

Then, we imagine something going wrong, others laughing and ridiculing, and…

We give up!

If you will just settle for a “B” grade we will all benefit! Just do it! Ship it! Share it! Get a “B”! Yahoo!

And whoever is supposed to…will love you for it!

30% will love you…whatever you do! So, just do it! (e.g., Charles Manson has devotees! Go figure!)

50%, who are showing up with no purpose or animosity, will go along with the 30%. So, again, just do it!

And, oh yeah! The other 20% won’t like it it or you, no matter what you do.  Let ’em go! Forghedaboudit!

They exist to stop good things from happening anyway so let ’em go!

’17 means Dream BIG now! And how!


Hey! Whadayah, Whadayah? Click reply and Write back or…Forghedaboudit!