The People you live and work with are wondering two things about you.

Thing One: Empathy – Do you really care about me?

Thing Two: Trust – Am I safe with you or can you manipulate me or can I manipulate you?

Thing One: Empathy – is hard to fake.  If you are tuned into and working with your own pain (pathos) and your emotions (especially anger, fear, confusion, and sorrow) your can more easily tune in to the pain of others.  They will sense you are genuine in a world full of pretend.

Thing Two: Trust – is earned. No one has to give it to us and no one owes it to us. Some tell us we have to trust them by virtue of their position or rank but such coercion only leads to blind or fake trust. Trust is gained with others when they see that we can manage ourselves and handle our own pathos and pathways with restraint, consistency, truth and kindness.